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29 августа 2010|02:31

Olga — Our live dealer of the week=]

Olga – Our live dealer of the week
June 24, 2010
By LD 

Sometimes playing the game of blackjack everything falls into place.

You get dealt a healthy share of Blackjacks for one.  But beyond this the cards just seem to be on your side.

When you double down you hit that picture card for a 20 or 21. When you’re staring down the barrel of a loss with 12—16 against the dealer’s picture card, you get out of jail with a lucky hit that takes you to 21.  And the dealer seems to bust with monotonous regularity.

In sporting parlance you’re seeing the ball like a watermelon.  Confidence is sky high.  The dealer is working with you not against you (or so it seems).

This was just one of those games…Olga  was one of those dealers.  I couldn’t lose a hand if I tried (not that I tried).  And the fact that she had a beautiful smile (rightly pointed out by another player at the table…see above) and a pleasant disposition only added to the enjoyment of the session played at William Hill.

There was a lot of love at this table, as I wasn’t the only one on the receiving end of Olga’s hot hand.